A plantar wart

A plantar wart — a firm, plain education, on the skin of the foot, the more it dominates the skyline in this regard, and is covered with a layer of the epithelium is keratinized. The main method of diagnosis of a plantar wart — dermatoskopiya. The location of moles on the soles leads to his constant injuries, and the cause of the pain along the way. This is the reason why the plantar wart is often in need of medical treatment, although you can go it alone. The methods of removal are cryotherapy, electrocoagulation, removal, radiowave or laser devices.

a plantar wart

General information

The plantar wart refers to benign tumors of the skin, and is about 34 per cent of all the cells. In the diagnosis and treatment of the cells involved in dermatology. The application of people, methods for the removal of warts and self medicating is extremely unlikely. A plantar wart has a deep match in the skin of the root, and its removal is incomplete will lead to the further growth of the cells, and undesired damage to surrounding tissue — the appearance of the warts on other parts of the body.

The causes of plantar wart

Hpv, condyloma, and for all types of warts (common, flat, filamentoso, plantar warts) are of the same nature, the infection of the organism by the virus of a papilloma (HPV). The virus is spread between people through infected cells to the skin (contact). The best time of year for it is a moist and warm environment. Thus, the infection by HPV is most often seen in swimming pools, saunas, baths and fitness studios. When it is sufficiently strong, the work of the immunity of the HPV in the human body it remains in a latent state, and does not give the clinical manifestations. The failure of the immune system, which causes the activation of the virus and the appearance of the skin above the formations.

The development of the plant on the warts, can lead to excessive sweating (hyperhidrosis), or dryness of the skin, stop the inconvenience of the shoes, causing a compression or friction to the skin of the foot; and a range of deformation of the foot (flat feet, deforming osteoarthritis, arthritis of the small joints of the feet); and diseases that lead to violation of the trophic tissue of the foot, diabetes, varicose veins of the lower limbs, atherosclerosis, and Dr), to the injury of the skin on the foot.

The manifestations of plantar wart

A plantar wart is a solid, clearly defined label on the sole. Most of the times it has an oval shape or a rounded shape and a size of about 1 to 2 inches. Education is about 1-3 mm and it operates on the level of the skin. The color of the skin in the area of the plantar warts is usually does not change, but it can be a light brown or pink color.

The wart at the beginning of their education smoothly. Over time, it is covered with a layer of skin is keratinized, it becomes rough and it becomes a gray tint to the yellow. At the center of a plantar wart, it is meant to be celebrated krateropodobnoe process. Black-and-brown-spot, which can often be seen on the surface of the mole, is due to trombirivaniem surface of the capillary.

As a general rule, the plantar wart takes on a unique character. With the birth of a son, of the cells indicates a higher activity of the disease. Multiple-allow to give an image in the mosaic, allowing for a certain sector of the textile, and these were the so-called "mosaic warts".

It can occur regardless of the time of plantar wart. In this case, it is the skin of the feet, the rest of the track. But, most often, because of the constant injuries, with the definition of the cells does not take place. It is not, by itself, it begins to cause the patient significant discomfort and even severe pain that is associated with the friction and the pressure of the warts on the sole of the shoe.

The diagnosis of a plantar wart

The appearance of the plantar wart often resembles that of a cat or a portion of the skin, hyperkeratosis. To distinguish it from any of these formations can be only a professional dermatologist. For this reason, it is held in dermatoskopiya. To further investigate the formation of a physician and pre-assembles the scraping of the upper layers of the epithelium is keratinized. With the lack of sebum in the drawing, the surface area of the education, and the identification of symptoms characteristic of "thrombosed capillary walls to" speak out in favor of a plantar wart. Positive results of PCR in the diagnosis of HPV is confirmed inficirovannost of the patient.

In order to determine the depth of the development of plantar wart and the patient is given an ultrasound to a flea market in the education. The suspicion of the malignant character of the education is carried out with the consultation of the dermato is a radiation oncologist. The detection of deformities and diseases of the foot, it is necessary for the query to podologa.

Podoshvennuyu a wart if you are with a keratodermiei the soles and the palms of the hands, syndrome Raytera. The reduced level of education, it is not conical in shape, flat on the symptom of "thrombosed capillary walls" and the absence of any changes to the chronicles, around the Horny layers can be distinguished podoshvennuyu one mole of keratodermii. Ladonna-plant sifiloidy are somewhat similar to the plantar wart. From the most recent to distinguish between types of nature, it is painless and is arranged in the form of rings, or there is a positive RPR test for syphilis.

The treatment for plantar wart

the treatment for plantar wart

The removal of the plantar wart is often more complicated the more in-depth compared to the other types of the cells, the germs on the skin. For this reason, electrocoagulation, for example, it is not always appropriate for you to get rid of the warts. Its application is possible only in the case of the shallow, place the plantar warts and it is often complicated with the formation of a scar.

It gives good results in cryosurgery the warts. The result depends on the expertise of the physician, but also a profound impact, it can cause the healing of this wound, with the formation of a scar, and much, much more than skin deep — the recurrence of the warts. After the treatment of liquid nitrogen at the site of the wart-like remains on the bubble, it can't hurt to the healing process (about 7 days). The removal of the laser to give the best aesthetic results and allows you to adjust the depth of the impact in an optimal way. The removal of warts, laser is fast and painless, and the healing takes a couple of days.

For removal of plantar wart can be also applied in radiowave method, in which the wart is cut out by a radio station with a knife. Simultaneously, there is a cauterization of the blood vessels, which alerts you to heavy bleeding and is in contact with the wart virus in the blood. The surgical excision is the appropriate for plantar warts of a large size. It is carried out in normal surgery under local anesthesia and may be complicated with the formation of a scar.

The prevention of a plantar wart

Prevention of the growth of the plantar warts is prevention of HPV infection. Special attention should be given to the mandatory use of an individual's shoes in the walk-in shower, swimming pool, and sauna. Very important, especially for people with the illness to stop, you have to proper skin care of the foot: a regular pedicure, scrub, stop, and treat razmyagchayuschimi the media.

Patients with a deformation of the stop, you should use the orthopaedic insoles, the orthotic devices, download editors. When the excessive sweating in the feet, it is important to choose shoes that are made of natural materials and the use of drying tools. When the dryness and the cracks in the skin on the soles are necessary for nutrients and moisture, hot tubs and therapeutic for your feet.

Secondary prevention of plantar wart is the purpose of to the patient, in addition to the removal of warts, antiviral drugs, and immuno-of the reviewers.