The papilloma virus: types, causes, characteristics, diagnosis, and treatment

Papilloma is a papillary growth on the skin or mucous membranes in both women and men. Tumors that are predominantly benign nature, but some strains are known to cause the growth of tumors in patients. If you want to, you can see a photo of papillomas in women and men, in order to compare the appearance of the tumor, the consequences of which are on the face and body.

The color papilomastonelagem of education, it may be the body red-brown. On their genital acuminata, a lot of times, take a brown eyeshadow and a view of the rooster comb.

Many of you know the appearance of the infection, but it is too shy or feel the need to turn to the experts. Many times, papilomasatasnya of education appearing on their genitals. The use of the venereal disease, many more. That, and due to the late start of the treatment for papillomas in women and men.


Malignant virus of the wart you can, especially if they're in the mucosa of the genital. Even if it's the kind of papillomas in the picture doesn't match up with your cancer, you should still consult with experts to make the diagnosis.

Types of papillomas

The papillomavirus may be of the following types:

  • the ordinary or common warts;
  • filamentoso;
  • smooth;
  • condilomas acuminados;
  • the plantar warts;
  • the juvenile wart.

The exact type of papillomas you can install it only with the doctor. You should contact a professional when it is detected that a characteristic of the hard skin and the mucous membranes of the body's tissues.

The ordinary papilloma

The ordinary of the infection called the common wart. This is a type of cancer that is widely spread among the men, young and middle-aged. Typically, these tumors appear on the fingers of the hand. Contribute to the growth of the ordinary papillomas, lesions of the skin and the development of fungal diseases, and in constant contact with the aggressive, there are ways.

In the ordinary infection

The warts vulgaris has a that are small in size, it rises up from the thin skin. There is usually flesh-colored. Moles do not pose a threat to human health if they are not corrupt it during the free event, when you are performing your household chores. It activates the growth of papillomas is an indication for its removal.

Filamentoso of the infection

Filamentoso papilloma is a tumor in the leg is fine if you like narrow bars). There is a growth in the area of the armpits, on the back of the neck, beneath the milk by the glands, and in the face.

If the damage is softening of the infection sore, you can get the shorter of the periods of bleeding. The color of the tumors, the nude. Experts recommend deleting softening, infection with the help of a laser, or cryoablation, especially if the skin growths tend to be of a growing, active, and injury.

The smooth of the infection

The smooth, papilloma classics, moles, slightly yellow in color that appear on the face, the skin of the body, and then stop. It can be intensely growing in the middle of the common corruption, and tend to be inflamed and can cause itching of the skin.

A smooth infection

Due to uncomfortable feeling of the smooth of the infection it is recommended to eliminate it surgically until a cancer has a size that is small. Large tumors in the skin, it has the excise units.

Condilomas acuminados

A preferred choice of the location of the cells in the body — the genitals and the groin area. Condilomas acuminados will show up after unprotected sex. A distinctive feature of cancer is the growth of the asset. The small sex of the infection will tend to merge, and the formation of the-phase, that have a vague idea and a rough surface. Great condilomas acuminados, they are often corrupted, resulting in the accession of a secondary infection.

Important! To get rid of the warts, it can not be left without attention. Some strains of HPV, leading to hyperplasia of the mucosa, genital area, can cause the growth of malignant neoplasms.

For the removal of warts, papillomas, is the best laser on the layer vaporizes from pathological conditions of the cell, not leaving a scar, deformation, and does not break the functionality that is located on the side of the fabric.

Plantar warts

Plantar warts are found on the feet. They seem often in the form of tumors, which can cause a feeling of pain along the way.

A plantar wart

Tumors of this type often go away on their own, but more importantly, as a young boy. Plantar warts can also be confused with calluses, which, unlike that of the papillomas, they have a smooth surface.

A juvenile wart

The papilloma virus the youth of the sort that are rare to have. Cheer for them, and for the children of pre-school age. The infection occurs when the natural process of birth, if the mother has genital area, there is condilomas acuminados. The child's papilloma virus can appear on the mucous membrane of the mouth, to strike the vocal chords, which cause respiratory disorders. In order to avoid such effects, it lasts, it is recommended to carry out the surgical treatment, immediately after the discovery of the young growths.

A rare, mind-papillomas are related to the cells in the Lewandowski-After. The kids get sick, the young and the teenagers. In the hands and feet of the child, they appear dark brown on the infection. They can be malignant and delay in the completion of medical treatment.

A giant in the body Buske-Levenshtein

A giant in the body Buske-Levenshtein is a carcinomatosis, sexual warts which is a different asset growth rates, the tendency to return to it even after its complete removal. The tumor destroys healthy tissue, it is able to be re-born in children to squamous cells.

This requires the completion of a careful diagnosis and an urgent treatment to the professionals, as soon as the first symptoms of this cancer.

The clinical manifestations of condyloma giant

A giant in the body can be found in the young and the elderly. Most of the time it shows up on their genitals. A perfect place to find a man. Men suffer more than women. Giant growths are related to the pre-disease. The lack of personal hygiene, damage to the action of external factors, and the reduction of it can enhance immunity, can speed up the tissues.

The disease develops over a period of months. First, the skin will appear a small infection, with a tendency to fusion. Over time, they form a large moles. It has a wide range of expansion is off to the side with the ridges is visible. The new growth is covered with a visible Boner times. A giant in the body likely always be out of harm's way in the underwear. The damage to a tumor, possibly for the close contact. Between the grooves and builds up the secret, it starts to smell bad. This creates favorable conditions for the spread of infectious disease and pathogens and education in festering the detachable.

A giant in the body

A giant in the body that appears most frequently in the sail at the head of the penis, or the area of the cerebral sulci. For the women, such as papillomaviruses, are found in the lips of the vagina and the organs of the urinary system. The tumor grows slowly increased, but it is deep in the tissue, which can lead to reproductive rights violations in the future. But it is the most feared complication is the development of a child cell carcinoma.

In the exam, when the "giant" of the cells in the

When there is a suspicion of hpv in the genital area, it is necessary for you to contact a venereal disease. The expert attributes it to the PCR analysis and to determine the specific strain of HPV. Condyloma giant, it is necessary to differentiate between the papilomasAtosa, secondary syphilis. Not necessarily pass by histology, which allows you to exclude a malignant pathology.

The treatment of the giant of the infection

The giant of the infection in the groin area are removed, the surgery. It is extremely important that as soon as possible to carry out the operation for the prevention of oncopathology. In addition, we recommend that you move instantly, so as to minimise the risk of further cancer in the future.

The surgical techniques, the treatment is combined with antiviral and immunostimulatory means. Many experts believe that it is necessary for you to take the interferons, for both inside and topically. This in turn will improve the overall efficiency of the treatment process.

The principles of treatment

The scheme of the treatment of papillomas, women's and men's select expert to individual. The human papillomavirus is detected prior to the onset of clinical signs, shall be prescribed cytostatics. This allows you to avoid the activation of the HPV in the course of the next few years. The symptoms papilomasaviruses infection — it is not an excuse for dropping out of treatment. We strongly recommend that, even in the absence of clinical manifestations of regular basis to make a diagnosis, and the use of a barrier method of contraception, in order to prevent the infection of their sexual partners.

A classic version of the struggle with the papilomasAMI in all parts of the body and its organs in the body, is a surgical procedure. Today, with the experts in a minimally invasive, including laser coagulation. Ways to secure the removal of papillomas to solve the problem of benign skin lesions to cancer is related to increased gifts in the body of the viral particles.

As a kid, n it is possible to apply the methods of chemical degradation. A single application of aggressive formulations to the skin papilomasetosnsx hard, taking on the consequences of irreversible damage and the destruction of the tumor.

But the removal of papillomas does not fully solve the problem papilomasaviruses infection. It is important for the influence of the virus itself, which is inside of the body. To stop the growth of pathological tissues, can be antiviral medicines. A tool to suppress the increase of the population of the pathogen and to have a positive effect on the immune system.

The stimulation of the immune system

You can increase your immunity when you are papillomas is often weak. This is one of the distinguishing features of the papilomasaviruses infection. The HPV suppresses the activity of protecting the cells, what causes a depression in the surface layers of the skin.

For the full course of treatment, papillomas involving the application of a imunoestimulador of the drug. Often, they also have an anti-inflammatory and anti-viral activity. With the combined efforts of the media as well as the time to maximum activity, a high is applied to the treatment, and to reduce the number of relapses of the disease during the year.

The stimulation of the immune system

Immunomodulators in infections by the papilloma virus will appoint a qualified person, the one you get with the layout of the individual to the drug therapy. Among the Immunostimulants in the first place are going to the drugs interferonum, which can come in different dosage strengths and forms, including vaginal plugs.

Interferonum, in the form of a gel, and ointment to be effective in the early stages of the growth of papillomas. If it increases too much, and they are aggressively merging with each other, and the locations of the tools you can't do it. It is necessary to perform a complex therapy, which includes the receipt of a change in the form of pills or even injection.

Plant Immunostimulants

The advantage of the plant imunoestimulador of the funds for the most natural look. But in order to achieve a rapid strengthening of the immune system, and with your help it will not be possible. Herbal preparations that have cumulative effects. Common immunostimulatory in the natural environment, the composition of the echinacea. On the basis of this, plants produce a wide variety of drugs, that apply to you in a few months.

The detection of multiple papillomas is a sign of concern. He can't talk about the weakening of the natural defenses of the body. You need to pay attention to in the first place, the state can raise the immunity. The strengthening may be in the correction of the diet. They are used in products that should contain a rich amount of vitamins and trace elements, organic acids and anti-oxidants. To the fortress, you can increase the immunity, it is useful to use bee products, ginseng, the fruit of the rosehip, the fruit and vegetables.

A minimally-invasive surgical treatment

Minimally invasive methods for removal of papillomas has a great popularity, mainly because of the high cosmetic effect. The use of modern methods, allows to get rid of cancers of the small and medium sized businesses-almost without the shedding of blood. The rapid healing of the tissues, it does not leave any scars, and other noticeable defects in their appearance.

Removal of papillomas

But, in spite of their high efficiency, modern surgical ways to get rid of papilomasetosnsx hard, it has certain limitations and contraindications:

  • the presence of malignant tumors;
  • growth, aggressive, papillomas and viral warts;
  • with the accession of secondary infection, the appearance of the signs of an inflammatory process;
  • the presence of cold sores;
  • the development of any of the diseases, physical, and infectious processes;
  • you are pregnant.

Indications and Contra-indications to the use of surgical instruments in minimally invasive surgical techniques, which were identified during the planning phase, when passing built-in lab tests, consultations with specialist practitioners.

When it's worth to delete the infection

The papilloma virus can be removed without any claims on the state, even if the tumor is very small and not a threat to your health. The skin growth is a fault of which many of them want to get rid of it.

The main indications for the removal of papillomas:

  • the location of the tumor is in a place where they are often corrupt, and foul, under the action of external factors, such as the harsh changes in temperature, moisture, and friction on the clothing);
  • it activates the growth of papilomasetosnsx tumors on the skin or on the mucous membranes of the genitals, the oral cavity;
  • the violation of the functionality of healthy tissue as a result of the growth of papillomas;
  • the high risk of malignancy and the detection of potentially dangerous strains of HPV;
  • planning a pregnancy, during which there is a hormonal restructuring of the body, contributing to the rapid growth of the lesions, benign and malignant.

If your doctor advised you to get rid of papillomas, it is well worth it to hear from you. Each year, the number of malignant tumours is increasing, and it is a fact that is cause for concern. It is best to remove a benign new growth of the time, because none of the doctors can't tell you exactly what the time, the infection will not turn into cancer cells of a tumor.

Laser coagulation

With the help of the laser and can remove the infection in all parts of the body, the face and the genital area. This method is different from the maximum efficiency and safety. The Laser on the layer vaporizes from pathological conditions of the battery, not allowing the bleeding of the blood vessels. After you remove it, you get a little crust, than it will be to reject it gradually over the course of several weeks.

Scarless healing is the main advantage of this method. Many of them give up from surgical treatment, which has been a fear of a deterioration in the appearance of the skin on the open areas of the face and body. The papilloma virus tend to recur, to warn you you you you you you can-the anti-viral toolkit, immunocorrection drugs.


The freezing papillomas with the help of the low temperature of the nitrogen and oxygen in the liquid is practically not inferior to the popularity of the method of laser coagulation.


The active tool is to be applied to the tumor with an applicator. Due to the instant freezing, new growth is rarely white but then it occurs to flushing, with a little swelling. The ground is covered by a thick crust, which is in the process of epithelialization. Nekrotizirovannye areas, which are gradually being replaced by healthy tissue. When your skin is not getting the healing changes.


The removal of the infection, with the use of electrical power is more affordable, and a proven method for the surgical treatment. The electrocoagulator not only does it cut the new growth, but it seals the vessels and in the capillaries, highlighting a selection of the blood from the damaged walls, and other vascular diseases. Electrocoagulation it is advisable to combine it with the immunostimulatory therapy, and antiviral methods.

Radiowave treatment

The radio waves can ensure the removal of benign lesions from malignancies, with a minimum of injury. In the course of the radiono coagulates the vessels. In combination with the antiviral therapy, the method provides the high efficiency of the results. Immunostimulatory medications as prescribed, with the common in the papillomas, and the weakening of the overall body.

The use of the drug is cytotoxic

The drug, which is often used for the removal of papillomas in women and men. The tool contains a complex of fatty acids. In addition, it includes the the the nitrate of copper, and that those who have already made it, in practice, tissue, genital warts, papillomas and warts.

This tool allows you to painlessly remove a small tumor. The Drug is not suitable for the processing of large papillomas, and genital. After the implementation of the new growth is dry. If you papilomase of the individual, which is sufficient for one use. When the multi-papilomasetosnsx processes, it is necessary to make some of the applications. The only major difference between the treatments, there should be at least a week. Gradually, a cancer of the tissue, covered with a thick crust that disappears after several days.

Treated the infection

The recovery of the treated surface takes place very quickly. The scars on the skin does not remain the same. Great condilomas, and the infection will gradually decrease in size, but will often be able to their complete extinction, and with only the help of a medicine it is not possible.

The destruction papilomasevíruse to be impossible. The treatment is aimed at in the first place, the removal of the main characteristics of the disease, and the warning to return to it in the future. The removal of the tumor does not prevent the transmission of HPV infection to their contacts, which is most of the time they already have papilomasevírusing infection in a latent form. The greatest risk of infection posed to the people with unfavorable heredity, once next-of-kin are located for the cases of cancer of the cervix of the uterus, and other disorders in england.

It is important to pay attention to the prevention of re-introduction of the papillomas. It involves, necessarily periodic, the use of γ in the midst of a slow way of life. It is recommended for random, intimate ties, to use barrier methods of birth control that can protect against papilomasaviruses infections and is the most aggressive form of the cells in the body. Young girls and women up to 45 years of age, you can get the vaccine. The vaccine is available in almost all areas. In many areas, and they are now totally free of charge. Vaccination can start from 9 years of age.