How to remove the infection, the folk, or of the remedies in the home

The appearance of the cells in the body, can be described as immune-compromised person, as well as addictions, and long-term exposure to the sun's rays and inadequate hygiene. To remove the infection, perhaps, the medical, by means of, or in the home.

What you can't do it all by yourself?

The characteristics of the removal of the infection

It is strictly prohibited to cut-you don't want, and the accumulation of the normal to the blade of a knife, and a pair of scissors or a razor blade. It is fraught with hit in the wound of an infection, and, in the worst-case option, perhaps even the development of cancer of the skin.

The warts on the delicate skin of the eye lids, oral cavity, and the mucous membranes of the nose are not to be disposed of under the supervision of a doctor. In other tumors, it can dry out on your own, to which they retreated with the skin such as dead skin cells. In this case, it is important to take care and precision, then the procedures do not have the scars and the burns.

The characteristics of the removal of the infection, depending on the location in the body

When you remove the infection by yourself at home, you should consider the location of the occurrence of an unwanted built-up edge. They can appear on the face, the neck, the feet, the hands, and in the inner areas near the mucous membranes in the body.

Beasts of the methods that have been successfully used for the removal of papillomas in soles and palms, where the skin is rough, and it is able to recover more quickly after injuries. In this case, the more rapid is contributing to the recovery of the same time of the adoption of the anti-virals, and imunoestimulador of the drug.

Baths horse chestnut

The fruit of the brazil nut-rich medicinal materials. They are also able to reduce inflammation and swelling, improve the circulation of blood. Due to the nuts, harvested in September, washed, and dried in a dark place for future use.

The brown the infusion is used successfully in the home, to add to the baths for cure, it is recommended by dermatologists in the fight against the papilomasamu.

The steps in the procedure is the following:

  1. The nuts must be cleaned and rinsed;
  2. Fill a half of pure, buckets of fruit, and then add the boiling water;
  3. Give the infusion and soak for at least 10 hours.
  4. You should then strain the mixture and put it in a bath tub full of water, and a comfortable body temperature.

The processing is necessary to carry out each and every 2-3 days for up to 20 minutes. After 2 weeks, of the infection dry and it will fall off.

The baths, with the phenol

Phenols will help to break down the protein structure of a papilloma. The solution is designed to be used in the open air and dispersing, in the treatment of cancer. In the hands and feet, before the start of the process, to soften the skin in warm bath or shower. The drug is specifically prohibited for the treatment of warts on the intimate places, and of the mucous membranes of areas of your skin.

Celandine hpv

Celandine hpv

Unwanted excrescência to this the effect of celandine. It is important to take care of the procedure, and do not let the juice from the plants for a healthy skin. For this reason, the area around the infection, stick with a band-aid.

The juice of the stems of the celandine excrescência that you must handle on a daily basis until the total disappearance of the tumor. During the entire treatment papilomasa and sanitation. The effect is achieved by the influence of the substance chelidonine, which helps to burn the wart. After this exposure, the skin may get a small scar.


This method involves the use of the green, and immature nuts. They need to be finely chopped up and with the help of a blender or a grinder. They are then placed in a vessel of glass, and a kerosene spill.

To the mixture, which should be discussed for three weeks in the refrigerator. After the addition, the slurry of filter paper and a pressure, and the resultant liquid is then transferred into a suitable container. It is used to make a bandage for compression, which are applied to the hit areas on the skin every half an hour.

A piece of gauze during the procedure, periodically wet them again. The treatment of passing in the night. After the first week of infection down, and then two, and then disappear.

The egg of a chicken

Small hpv can be dealt with breast of chicken in a protein. For this purpose, a q-tip in the amount of a protein shell of the broken eggs, and lubricate the tumors. To go through the procedure a few times a day for a month.

For the proper treatment and the skin. Its dry in the oven for about 20 minutes, and the fray. Egg powder, drift off to sleep in the excrescência to close it with a piece of cotton and stick with a band-aid. Once every three days, the content of the bands will change. After three weeks, the wart will soon disappear.

The Aloe vera in the fight against the papilomasamu

There are several different types of procedures for this medicinal plant:

  • During the week, you will need to apply to the verruca cut out over a piece of sheet, and secure it with a band-aid. It is important to change the leaves as soon as possible.
  • You can add the Kalanchoe juice from the aloe vera on the same amount and do it all in a piece of gauze on the affected skin. Bandage it is necessary to change it from 3 to 4 times a day.
  • In the activity, the virus will help to reduce the consumption of the juice of the plant into it. A mixture of aloe, honey and lime juice to strengthen the immunity.
  • After the medical operations for the removal of papillomas the juice of the aloe vera will help the skin to heal. They can be lubricated at the factory set at every two hours during the day.

The garlic and the onion

The garlic paste is able to remove even the most ancient of the infection. The medical wing serves as a children, and any of the moisturisers with the addition of a tablespoon of great garlic.

  1. A thick layer of it is applied on the warts, they do it with a piece of gauze, a film, a band-aid.
  2. After 3 hours, the bandage clean, and the skin rinsed with water.

If you are experiencing the unpleasant sensations and a burning sensation during the treatment, you must stop. This method is not suitable for sensitive skin. If the procedure does not cause discomfort, which is your pass for the week, two times a day. After a three-day break from the course and repeating it.

The potatoes against the papillomas

To deal with warts, it will help with the potatoes, the red variety. A vegetable powder in a way that is convenient and then carefully pressing the obtained mixture. The pulp, use it all. Its spread in the papilomasy, and served with a piece of gauze, and the film and the cast. Two weeks after the birth of a procedures to get rid of the junk, the build-up.

The affected area, you can clear the cut off in the midst of vegetables. From the vegetables to make it, and a tincture of young shoots of the potato and mixed it with vodka celandine and thuja branches. In the mix, insist on the day, and deal with it's warts.

Castor oil

The fatty acids in the oil, it is able to exfoliate dead skin patches. It is not irritating for the dermis, and can be used on the mucous membranes of areas of your body or intimate areas.

The damaged area of the skin, render the q-tip with the oil for about 10 minutes. It is allowed to use it for a half-hour, compact. The effect will be visible only when the day-to-day treatment. Warm baths prior to the start of the procedure, to speed up the healing process.

The hydrogen peroxide

The fluid is not able to kill the virus eventually, but a rapid drying out of the cells. Prior to use, it is necessary to carry out a test of an allergic reaction. A drop of hydrogen peroxide to the back of the wrist, is not expected to cause skin redness and itching. Only if this is the case, you can either use it for the following.

The infection can be to deal with 4-5 times a day with a q-tip. The hydrogen peroxide is used for for all. It should be used within 4 hours, after which time you will need to replace the old pad to the new one. The wart alone, it should fall off about a week or so.

Dermatologists recommend a combination of hydrogen peroxide with the bark of the oak tree – as it is the most effective and the most gentle of the results.

A half-cup of boiling water, the fermentation of the skin and leave it overnight. Then, the water is drained and add about a tablespoon of the anti-septic. A mix to store in the fridge. The treatment produces a three-times-a-day for 3 weeks, in the form of pads for about 30 minutes. After the procedure, the skin is milk.


The iodine is no longer used in one of the spots on the body and on the face, neck and intimate of places. They deal with the small surface of the cells, in the form of a scale, it doesn't matter.

The damaged area of the skin before starting the treatment, shall be thoroughly cleaned with soap and water. The skin around the infection grease in the cream with a cotton disk. Then, you have to attach it to the verruca cotton-padded wand with iodine in half a minute or so. You have the lock in case of processing, starting with the feet.

For the iodine you can mix with paint is green. The procedure was carried out for 3 to 4 times a day, up to papilomasa don't fall off. The net effect will be positive only in a regular course.

Onion peel

Onion has established itself as a useful tool for the removal of papillomas in the house. A glass bowl full of shells, it should pour out of the dining room is full of vinegar. Insist the mixture should be a couple of weeks ago. For this reason, it is suitable to dry in a warm place, where it does not penetrate to the light of the sun.

Then, the vinegar is drained off, and the shell use them all. Its bugging you a piece of gauze and a band-aid on the papilomase and leave it overnight. In the morning the skin is clean, the water and hurt of the cream to prevent flaking and drying.

Dent-de-lion against papillomas

The defects of the skin heals and the tooth of a lion. The juice may act directly on the wart several times a day. In order to prepare a tincture of them lead you comfortable with the pots and spread it at the head of the flower. For the charges of any city. After a couple of weeks ago, which is a mixture of how to and being used by it to the affected skin.

You can make yourself a drink from the blossom and celandine. No, a mixture is prepared with boiling water and infused for half an hour. Then, a filter paper, and the accommodation is complemented by the warm water, and drink it throughout the day.

Dent-de-lion against papillomas


Acetic essence, it is able to burn papilomasy, along with the root. Apple cider vinegar has a more mild. The tool should only have to deal with the wart, and do not allow contact with the skin. With pure vinegar, it is not advisable to use it.

There are many recipes for medicinal, dye, with vinegar:

  • The vinegar, with a squeeze of lemon. Cut up the fruit and survived the acid, for 2 weeks. In what follows, lemon wedges, impose on the wart and bugging you a bandage for the night.
  • The vinegar and the flour. Her upset before thin use for application of the infection. After complete drying, the mixture is taken.
  • The vinegar and the ash tree.
  • The vinegar and the garlic. The cloves to marinate in the acid and malic acid, and apply it to the growth.


The soap you must apply a thick layer in the evening. Tumors, that you must handle on a daily basis during the week. You can soak them with a piece of gauze and apply it to the areas of damaged.

Jet fuel (kerosene

Paraffin (kerosene) for the treatment of papillomas to apply, together with green walnuts. They are poured in strips the young of the kernel, and leave for 2 to 3 weeks. After the extraction of the received use for the treatment of tumors. Store the mixture in the refrigerator.

Duct tape

It is an accessible tool, you can buy yourself in to the nearest drugstore, without a doctor's prescription. It is able to remove the top of a small papilloma, but it is going to leave you to your root directory. And that can lead to in the future, and an education system in place.

At home, you can easily remove a pappiloma with the adhesive tape from the pharmacy

The doctors do not recommend the use of a strip of adhesive tape on the mucous membranes of the body, in the areas of the face, especially in the period of the pregnancy.

The patch contains salicylic acid, which eats away at papilomasy. The combination of this treatment with the purchase of a imunoestimulador, and anti-viral toolkit will help you speed up the process of removal of the tumor.

Prior to the start of the procedure, it is important to steam-clean the location you have chosen for the skin as well. A piece of adhesive tape dispensed strictly by the size of the infection, and put in 5 days ago. In this period, wet the treated area is not possible. It is allowed for the completion of the re-procedure, and if new growth has not gone away after treatment.

Pharmacy tools

With a wide range of tools for the removal of papillomas in the home offer online. They are taken as income, and without it.